• JUKUSEI TAIRABAAQUA is used as a NECKTIE in TAIRABA fishing.
  • Uses fermented ingredients that contain a lot of flavor and smell, so you can get more bites than when you usually use a NECKTIE.
  • ‘JUKUSEI TAIRABA AQUA’ is designed with hooking being the most important point. 

  • Has more appeal than the ‘FLAP SLIM,’ but still has a perfect action that isn’t too strong.
  • Its form ensures consistent movement with both slow and fast retrieve.


When using ‘JUKUSEI TAIRABA AQUA,’ it is recommended to be used with ‘AQURABA RIG KUWASE’ 

Firstly insert into the hook, then while being careful of the tip screw in the coil to stabilize it.

If you are not using ‘AQURABA RIG KUWASE’ please use it with a pulling heel hook.

Length (mm) Pcs.
75mm 12pcs.


  • Not for human consumption.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not to be used for any purpose other than fishing.
  • When casting, make sure the surrounding area is safe and presents no danger. There is a possibility of injury if the hook catches people nearby.
  • The preservation liquid is made from natural raw materials so it may gradually change color overtime or sediment may settle on the bottom, however this does not affect the quality of the product.
  • Due to the nature of water-soluble polymers, the lure may appear firmer after a period of time, but it has no effect on fishing results.
  • Store soft plastic lures away from direct sunlight and areas of high temperature.
  • To avoid drying out, store the lures in the preservation liquid.
  • To prevent decay, do not mix used and new lures together, or allow rainwater or water droplets inside.
  • The preservation liquid may be difficult to wash off clothes. Wipe with a wet towel immediately, and wash with detergent as soon as possible.
  • We have tested the product carefully, but please contact us if there are any concerns with it.
  • The package is not completely sealed. After opening, store the lures in an airtight container. If storing in this package, seal the zipper, store in a standing position in a cool, dark place so the liquid doesn’t leak and use the lure as soon as possible.
  • It is recommended that you transfer the lure from the package to an airtight container before taking it with you fishing.
  • Even if you store different colored lures from the ECOGEAR JUKUSEI AQUA series together, there will be no color change.
  • The preservation liquid is to be used for ECOGEAR JUKUSEI AQUA products, so if you mix it with other worms or liquids, its effectiveness will be reduced.
  • The preservative used in this product is recognized as a food additive. No harmful substances to the human body such as formaldehyde are used in this product.
  • Although this product is made from 100% biodegradable material, please do not dispose of this in fishing areas.


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