• Special case for storage of ECOGEARAQUA
  • Designed with 4 locks to be airtight.

Size Pcs.
180ml 1pc


  • Please make sure the lid is securely locked before putting the box away.
  • Please store horizontally. Do not store for long periods on its side.
  • There is a slight chance the product may leak from the box. Please take care when using the stocker.
  • When the rubber seal becomes old, please replace it with the additional seal supplied.
  • If the container becomes cracked or broken please discontinue use.
  • Do not place the container near sources of heat.
  • Scrubbing with a stiff brush may scratch/mark the container.
  • Frequent washing may cause the lid to cloud.
  • When washing do not soak for extended periods of time, or use bleach or chlorine cleaners.


  • Lid: polypropylene Antibacterial Coating: inorganic antibacterial coating
  • Seal: silicon rubber


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