EGILEE DARTMAX TR has been especially designed for EGILEE fishing from bots. The cloth has been removed from the head section for a sharper and clean action, also the head has been combined with the weight for a highly compact but extra heavy design. Able to get down to the bottom amazing quickly it is able to be used in extremely deep waters and areas with fast currents. Designed with the distinctive EGILEE action, it dives side to side on even light jerks of the rod. Line slack causes the EGILEE to dive irregularly attracting and enticing highly pressured squid. The balanced body design gives the DARTMAX TR perfect posture on fall.


Weighted Head Design

The weighted head makes for a compact yet heavy 30g lure, that can get down fast to the bottom of the ocean floor. EGILEE produces sharp dart action that is impossible in the standard cloth wrapped squid jigs, with reduced stress on the angler. The highly polished head creates a attracting flash action, to get inactive squid. The head is fitted with a small loop for attaching extra weights with ease, for extremely deep areas and fast currents.





    Weight Body size
EGILEE DARTMAX TR 30g #3.5 Class
40g 3#3.5 Class
EGILEE DARTMAX TR 30g-BK 30g #3.5 Class

If you click on the color chart link, it will take you to the color chart on the Japanese website.