ECOGEARAQUA’s special case for storage. Designed with 4 locks it is airtight. The container is also coated with an antibacterial NANO SILVER layer to keep your lures fresh.

It is a antibacterial coating, made from specially treated silver, that suppresses the growth of bacteria on the container. Silver in Japan is a certified food additive and is safe for humans. It is also used in cutlery, water purification and dentistry.
* AQUASTOCKER is made by Sun River co ltd and is an SIAA approved product.
Size Pcs.
180ml 1pc


Please make sure the lid is securely locked before putting the box away.
Please store horizontally. Do not store for long periods on its side.
There is a slight chance the product may leak from the box. Please take care when using the stocker.
When the rubber seal becomes old, please replace it with the additional seal supplied.
If the container becomes cracked or broken please discontinue use.
Do not place the container near sources of heat.
Scrubbing with a stiff brush may scratch/mark the container.
Frequent washing may cause the lid to cloud.
When washing do not soak for extended periods of time, or use bleach or chlorine cleaners.

Lid: polypropylene Antibacterial Coating: inorganic antibacterial coating
Seal: silicon rubber