"POWER SHAD" Unique body roll and sonic bosy design.  Balanced centre of gravity for increased casting distance.


The body roll and sonic body sound is a feature unique to the ECOGEAR SHAD. The special body design makes the lure achieve the maximum vibration in the water at the slowest retrieval speed. It is designed to suit a wide range from the no sinker rig to heavy weight jig head such as 1/4oz - 2 oz IWASHI jig head or 3-D jig head. It swims well on the surface with the no sinker rig for sight fishing and it is easy to make a long cast due to the special ECOGEAR heavy soft plastic material and center of gravity of the lure design. 4" and 5" models are of regular material, 3" and 6" are of natural sinking material for a further casting.

Length (inch / mm) Pcs.
3" / 73mm 8pcs.
4" / 100mm 7pcs.
5" / 115mm 7pcs.

If you click on the color chart link, it will take you to the color chart on the Japanese website.