MINNOW - Thick body and tiny tail perfectly imitates injures baitfish.  Great reaction bait for when the fish have shutdown.


ECOGEAR MINNOW has a thick body and a tiny straight tail that imitates bait fish. It is used as reaction bait which is using rod tip and short jerk retrieval techniques to add action to ECOGEAR MINNOW to make the lure like injured bait. MINNOW S is very useful when the fish are a bit passive and looking for an easy meal. Minnows can be used with no sinker rig and jig head rig.

Length (inch / mm) Pcs.
3-1/2" / 80mm 10pcs.
4" / 100mm 9pcs.
5-1/2" / 135mm 8pcs.

If you click on the color chart link, it will take you to the color chart on the Japanese website.