Specially selected colours & items for light game.  Able to be used with a wide range of rigs for any situation.


A new range of small lures chosen for their effectiveness in fishing rock fish, and small game. We have selected the most popular and effective colours for fishing rock fish.
Use different rigs fro different situations, jig head rigs, Texas rigs, down shot rigs, etc to get you into areas where your target fish are hiding. Effectively using a wide range of rigs is key to increasing your chances of success.

  Length (inch / mm) Pcs.
BUG ANTS 2" / 60mm 6pcs.
ROCK CLAW 2" / 65mm 5pcs.
MINI TANK 1-1/2" / 37mm 8pcs.

If you click on the color chart link, it will take you to the color chart on the Japanese website.