"BUG ANTS" Complex leg design spreads lures paddle wide for dominating presence.  Perfect for drop-shot or finesse on pressured waters.


Compared to its length it has overwhelming width, and strong appeal. The BUGANT series is effective on Bass, and great for targeting Rockfish. Its flat body and complex leg design catches the water to spread apart the attached paddle, giving it a unique way of splitting the water and strong presence. When using the lure for “Bottom Bumping” the paddles spread wide to work on capturing fish’s attention! A highly controllable and strong design made from the elastic Natural Sinking material. A plastic lure that works on any fish!

Length (inch / mm) Pcs.
2" / 60mm 10pcs.
3" / 82mm 8pcs.
4" / 100mm 7pcs.

If you click on the color chart link, it will take you to the color chart on the Japanese website.